Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Diving Into Fun

My summer vacation has been awesome! My first stop was Sesame Place. I got to do all the jumping, diving, climbing and running I wanted. I had fun on the rides and watching Elmo, Ernie, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and the rest of the gang (just as long as they didn't get too close and invade my personal space). My Cookie Monster cupcake was a tasty end to a wonderful day.

Then it was on to the beach at Assateague. I saw some ponies, was carried up the stairs to the top of a light house, and walked and played on the beach. Here I am pointing at the ocean and yelling that "water is coming!" Those waves of water sure are scary!

Finally, we gave the car a rest and we're staying in Virginia Beach for a few days. We went to the aquarium yesterday and saw rays, turtles, and sharks. The turtles were my favorite. Today we hung out on the beach. I'm still scared of getting too close to the water but feel safe hanging out on the sand and playing with my John Deere equipment. The rest of the time I'm either riding my bike on the boardwalk, playing on the playground, scaring seagulls, scoping out the babes, eating ice cream, watching jets, helicopters, and boats go by, and swimming in the pool.

What a great vacation! My travel agent, Mommy, is quite the trip planner.

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